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Saturday Coaches Competition

Last Saturday eight teams competed in the finals. As the temperature soared to the high 30's so did the intensity of the matches. Three out of the four divisions were hotly contested, with winners being decided in the final sets. 



Division 1

Winners: Justin and Joseph

Runners Up: Mitchell and Callum

Best Singles Player: Mitchell

Congratulations to the winners of the competition Justin and Joseph. Mitchell and Callum should be proud of their efforts going down by only a few games. Head coach Adam Morschel noted this was Joseph's second consecutive competition win for the year. 


















Division 2

Winners: Tessa and Sam

Runners Up: Vanessa and Christopher (Tadhg)

Best Singles Player: Tessa

It was a gruelling match that went down to the wire. But, Tessa and Sam proved to be a formidable team. A special mention to the runner ups Christopher and Vanessa on being undefeated in doubles matches during the comp. Also, thank you to Tadhg for stepping in to replace Christopher who injured himself just days before the final.


















Division 3

Winners: Laura and Trent

Runners Up: Madilyn, Nathan and Tyrah

Best Singles Player: Laura

Trent and Laura, a remarkable team played a strong match to win by the greatest number of points. This capped off a superb finals result - not losing a set. Commiserations and great effort by Madilyn, Nathan and Tyrah.


















Division 4

Winners: Dean and John

Runners Up: April and Georgina

Best Singles Player: Dean

Similar to Division 2, Dean and John won the final in the last set. Well done to April and Georgina for their efforts whom nearly caused an upset against the favourites.


















Thursday 19 May 2022